Pear system We have earned the reputation of providing the finest business solutions to our clients. We offer computer based solutions and customers can get to know about the effective working of their computing devices when they get in touch with our professionals via phone or the email and chat service.

Our technical solutions are the best in the market as there is seldom any customer who is not likely to experience relief or satisfaction after having taken our help in technical matters. We also provide a number of services with regard to web development, the most important of these being web design and search engine optimization. Both these services are carried out within a short period of time.

The web design services are concerned with the appearance of a particular website while the search engine optimization services are those that are carried out for generating traffic for a website online. We also provide software development services for IT professionals who do not have the time to engage in this alone. Internet marketing is also one of our popular services and is one of the ways by which we are able to secure a lot of clients and customers for our own clients. Our professionals work in shifts for all hours of the day.

We operate from Monday to Friday and for half a day on Saturday. We are available on call via phone or email. We work all through the year and there is no time in the year when customers cannot really avail of our services. One can even opt for our services in the holiday season which is a time when IT professionals are not really known to work. The best time to reach us would be between, ten to twelve in the morning, and between three and four in the afternoon. We welcome any comments and feedback that customers may have with regard to the various services that we provide them with.

Our Mision and Values

  • There is a section on our website where customers can post their feedback and also their valuable suggestions, all of which will be read by us very minutely indeed.
  • We look into the suggestions that have been made by each and every client and incorporate the suggestions that seem legitimate and the undertaking of which also appears to be feasible.
  • We welcome constructive criticism on the part of our customers as this helps us to improve our services